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Lerchmüller AG is a renowned printing firm with some 70 employees, based in Schinznach-Dorf (Switzerland). It produces superior quality printed materials, including labels, mailings and forms.

Swiss printing firm installs flexo printing press

The company put a printing press by the Dutch manufacturer MPS Systems B.V. into operation in September 2012. With this machine, Lerchmüller intends further to enhance and extend its capacities in the flexographic and screen printing business.

Jakob Lerchmüller laid the foundation stone for today's Lerchmüller AG when he took over a printing works in 1938. As a former administrative official, he early on spotted the potential of what were then modern organizational methods, and in the 1960s he orientated his firm towards the printing of continuous forms. The success resulting from that decision gave his enterprise a continuously rising turnover, prompting his printing firm to invest regularly in new technologies. He added label printing to the enterprise's capabilities in the 1980s by investing in a UV offset press. Further investments included extensions to the premises and the takeover of the Schönbächler AG continuous printing house in 1991.

The ground-breaking ceremony for a new construction was held in the late 1990s so that both printing works could be housed in one building. In 2000 the firm moved in, simultaneously integrating more new production plant. Another enterprise, Imprimis AG in Reinach, Switzerland, was acquired just four years later. Today, Lerchmüller earns an annual turnover of 17 million CHF as a specialist in the exploitation of many different printing and finishing processes. In the labels domain, the enterprise serves the cosmetics, foodstuffs, industrial, chemicals and pharmaceuticals segments.

Label Production Upgraded 1

Comprehensive equipment
With the aim of continuing to extend its labels business in particular, Lerchmüller decided last year to buy a flexo printing press from Dutch firm MPS. The demands of the market meant that the three cornerstones, "multifunctionality, print quality and economic efficiency" were right at the top of the list of requirements. After an evaluation phase lasting several months, the EF 410 model finally turned out to correspond the best with the firm's comprehensive technical needs. Contributing factors included a high degree of automation, innovative rationalization tools and, not least, the Crisp.Dot technology, which permits minimum dot gain, full screen dots, good ink coverage in solid areas, and small fonts.  On top of that, the system has nine UV print units that can be rapidly changed to function as screen printing units, enabling the implementation of the no-label look, Braille text, and other tactile effects in one print run. The machine's printing width is 410 mm, while its maximum speed amounts to 200 m/min. A large number of surfaces can be printed on, such as monofilm and paper or plastic adhesive material.

Other technical equipment includes Automated Print Control (APC) for automating set-up processes and making machine settings, iControl for ergonomic press control while, at the same time, reducing paper wastage, AutoTeach for regulating the register on the complete machine and without depending on a specific material path, and the Nonstop Print Change (NPC) function, which enables printing sleeves to be exchanged on a running machine.  There is also an integrated delam-relam station for separating and bringing together facing and backing materials, which enables applications such as adhesive neutralization. Also included are a cold foil embossing station and a special crossover unit for making booklet labels.

Label Production Upgraded 2

To sum up
Lerchmüller AG is a family business that constantly seeks to master every new challenge and to find an economic solution for every client while meeting all required quality standards. By installing the MPS EF 410 flexo printing press, the enterprise is now equipped with the right tool for dealing with all future demands and being able to continue producing labels with ambitious designs and a high degree of finish.