Impress to Enter New Markets with MPS EF Flexo Press

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ARNHEM, Netherlands (December 4th, 2015) – MPS announces the successful installation of an EF flexo press at Impress, a Siberian customer based in Barnaul. Installed last month and already printing high-end labels for a variety of industries, the EF press will open new markets for Impress in shrink sleeves and other unsupported films.

With 340mm web width and 8-colour UV print units, the new EF press at Impress features a double quick-change die unit, multi laminating on rail, delam/relam and iStrip matrix rewinding. The press is also equipped with the Automatic Print Control (APC) package and a mark-to-mark camera system, which automatically sets the press in register without operator intervention. High-end labels for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries are currently being printed on the EF, and it is the first MPS machine purchase for Impress. Ogard, the MPS Russian local sales and service representative led the sale, installation, and operator training.

01 Dmitry Malikov Sales Ogard Pavel Starcev Main Owner Impress Erik Blomjous Sales MPS Konstantin Kokin Managing Director And Andrey Bezhovets Co Owner Impress LR

Impress is the printing division of the company Retail-Service, founded in 1999 and also in Barnaul. Retail-Service began with the offering of in-house designed software solutions and trade equipment for supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants, and later added printing capabilities of simple and complex labels, now operated by the Impress division. Employing over 100 employees, Impress runs print production with five presses: two letterpresses for short print-runs and three flexo presses.

Using advanced production control software from Retail-Service, Impress can determine optimum production schedules to maximise time and reduce waste for each print job, communicated to the operator through an iPad. Impress plans to integrate their new MPS EF press into this intelligent software system to capture useful savings data directly from the press. MPS and their local agent Ogard will support Impress with the implementation of this system enhancement.

02 Andrey Bezhovets Co Owner Impress LR

Impress Managing Director Konstantin Kokin comments: “Three years ago we began our research of advanced flexo printing press solutions available in the narrow web market. We ultimately chose MPS as the ideal partner, to provide us a flexo print solution for a range of high quality labels now in production, and prepare us for new markets with the ability to print shrink sleeves and other unsupported films. The EF stood out with offering the highest automation, high quality components, and advanced print productivity. With the press already up and running, we are very pleased with the performance of our new MPS EF flexo press.”

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